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Assent to efficiency 

Manage risk, cut costs and foster sustainable, streamlined operations. Our easy-to-use process management software helps you holistically manage validation, tracking, metrics, and training on mission-critical processes. Plus: It’s tailored to meet your unique needs.

Say yes to Assent.

Do More … Faster

Assent to progress

Assent software helps employees at all levels of your organization achieve an ideal balance of control and oversight. Because Assent software is open to everybody, it helps you track across departments, so teams can work together to achieve consistent results.

01 / Track
02 / Manage

Observe progress anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Work together in real-time. Get and give instant updates on procedures and tasks.

03 / Collaborate

Monitor essential processes and compliance procedures.

04 / Verification

Built-in verification system to allow management insight.


Get Set to Grow

Assent to move forward 

Choose a tool that can take your company to the next level. We built Assent software to help streamline operations and better manage safety, compliance, training, and interdepartmental communication so you can focus on the quality of your product and growing your people and your business. Say yes to a reliable partner.


During his 35-year career at Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Assent founder and president Tim Coombes developed innovative programs that led to a safer, more collaborative workplace. Drawing on decades of experience streamlining complex procedures in the many industries. 


At Assent, we’re committed to helping companies work safer and smarter by controlling process management. We designed Assent to help customers mitigate risk, cut costs, increase efficiency, and spark collaboration. 


Assent founder and president Tim Coombes teamed up with talented programmers to develop the technology behind Assent.  With a patented SaaS solution, Assent simplifies complex procedures via a mobile-friendly cloud-based application.


Contractor Management • Emergency Management • Energy • Financial Services • Fire Services • Health Care • Human Resources • Law Enforcement • Manufacturing • Supplier Management • Sustainability • Workforce Management


Activities • Bottlenecks • Compliance • Documentation • Maintenance • Personnel • Procedures • Processes • Progression Status • Reports • Safety • Tasks • Teams • Tracking • Training • Updates


Get Better Results

Assent to insight

Control complexity and gain visibility into the processes you use every day with a user-friendly cloud-based solution. Assent process management software is customizable and compatible with multiple platforms. It benefits leaders, supervisors, and workers alike, empowering teams to mitigate risk and work better (smarter) together.


Assent is just for you.

Assent software is easy to use, but it isn’t canned. Our team partners with you to create solutions that work for your organization and your team. Whether you’re running a refinery or a brewery, a service company or emergency services, we can help you create a tailored suite of applications that help you do what you need to do more efficiently.


Assent fits how you work.

Everybody does things differently. That’s why, with Assent software, you can customize applications to meet your specific needs. We consult with you to build solutions that help you do what you need to do, whether it’s tracking across departments, improving approval processes, or verifying compliance protocols.


Assent enhances safety and sustainability.

We take time to understand the risks and needs in your industry and operations, then build custom solutions that help you manage those unique risks. Partnering with the team at Assent can help you turn risks into opportunities — and do more to protect your workers, your community, and the environment.

Assent Software Features

User Management

Assign roles for administrators, viewers, and technicians and allow multiple technicians to work on jobs

Procedure Management

Unlimited sections and project tasks


Our software gives you the ability to insert notes and caution items into tasks, jobs, and procedure workflows


Timers with visible and audio alerts remind team members about time-sensitive tasks.


Automatic numbering when tasks are added, rearranged,

or removed

Document Conversion

Document import tools allow for automatic integration of procedures from Word and PDF documents


Create an unlimited number of jobs related to specific procedures



Multiple technicians can work on jobs



Task start and stop times can be distributed to all viewers in real time



Easy see what tasks are not completed via color coding UI



Add notes to any task in a job



Customize and export reports

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